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Grand Rapids April 19, 2012

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So, how is Grand Rapids so far?

Here’s some views from the hotel (8th floor)


I’m the flash in the window…


Yep, that’s a rooftop tennis/basketball court.

After I got checked in, I took a walk through downtown to find some dinner.


Delicious food? I think this looks like my stop!


Let’s look at the menu:


“All vegan, veggie or raw” 🙂


Wait a second… Does that say”Parsnip Ribwich”?


Why, yes. Yes it does.


A view across the street – peacocks instead of gargoyles!


Ok. Time to walk back to the hotel.

Wait! No dessert?

Oh, okay….


One is choc/choc, the other is van with streusel topping!

Grand Rapids has some cool murals:


And some nice architecture:


The river is nice, too:

Well, maybe I’ll stop for a single cup dripped pretty awesome cup of coffee before I head back to my room…


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