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Grand Rapids, day 2 April 20, 2012

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Thursday, I didn’t have to be anywhere until noon, so I took another walk to find some breakfast.
I ended up at a Mediterranean place that served juice and smoothies for breakfast.
Enjoying my carrot juice at an outside table (Madcap Coffee across the street).
D’oh! Well, maybe I will go back to the hotel after all…
The food looked so good at the Mediterranean place that I went back for lunch.
Falafel wrap (with turnips on it) and a Greek salad (with beets on it)!
Then across the street for a cup of coffee.
Back to the hotel for some conference. They like chandeliers here…
After conference things, I went out to grab a quick bite for dinner. Saw some more cool things downtown.
Being unsuccessful in my search for food, I ended up back at Bartertown. I had the $2 tacos, with kidney beans, brown rice, turnips, beets, spinach, something else, and an asparagus-cilantro dressing. They were so good!
The opening reception was at the Ford Presidential museum.
It was way crowded, and I did not stay long… Across the river for some kung fu (lots of fun, but no pics).
After kung fu, I walked a few blocks to Stella’s, a place with good reviews for vegan food. Here are a few blurry shots…
On recommendation of the server, I had the vegan meat loaf, which was amazing! I did not finish it.

And here is what Grand Rapids looks like in the rain as you’re walking back to your hotel room…


One Response to “Grand Rapids, day 2”

  1. oregon summer Says:

    Man…I don’t know if you are going to want to come back to L-town!! That food looks soooooooooooo good! I sure hope you grabbed the to-go menus so we can re-create some of that deliciousness at home!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm…vegan meatloaf…

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