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Grand Rapids, Day 3 April 21, 2012

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So, lots of conference to start out the day. Not many pictures, but here is a partial view of the main room that I have been in – lots of mirrors and decorations. Very fancy, I’m sure.
Time for lunch. I looked up bagel places, and followed the directions to the closest one…
It’s in this building??
In the basement, down this lovely inviting hallway…
It’s not bad, but it’s too warm, so I take my bagel and go.
After more conference, I go for a nice long walk.
Lots of art to be seen…
Plenty of pink in town today…
More interesting buildings…
And a little bit of shopping…
A touch of dilapidation…
Time for dinner! Based on a number of outstanding reviews on Yelp, as well as the novelty factor, I went to an (all-vegan) Ethiopian restaurant.
I got the Alicha (potatos, cabbage, green beans, green pepper, ginger and garlic) and the Ferfer (onion, garlic, kale, tomato paste and cayenne pepper), as well as the house spiced tea. All very good! You eat by scooping the food onto a spongy crepe-like bread (fingerbowl included).

Interesting coincidence… The second best sale
And the second best brewery in the world (according to or something…)
It was super busy and super loud. I had a beer on the cold patio (no room inside) and left. I did get a free bag, though!

I went for an evening coffee later, and I did not get photos of:
1) A trolley car (with wheels, not on tracks)
2) Through the window of an Italian restaurant, a man with a large moustache serenading a couple on the accordion.
3) A horse-drawn carriage.


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